Computer Vision Engineer

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Computer Vision Engineer

14 Dec 2019

RAACOM is making waves in the AI industry, so much so that they have recently awarded a major SMART City implementation contract and received several accolades for its path-breaking facial recognition and ML based products. In line with our expansion strategy, we are seeking a capable research engineer familiar with image processing and/or computer vision.

In this Role you will:

  • Responsible for tasks across the computer vision spectrum.

  • Demonstrate Deep understanding of algorithms and scripting

  • Undertaking tasks for refining our image processing pipeline, conditioning image data for consumption into our neural networks.

  • Leverage proven experience with existing Computer Vision toolkits such as OpenCV.

  • Employ varied Deep learning methods using convolutional neural networks for object classification, recognition or sequence modeling

  • Key contributor in reviewing the latest advances in the field and applying them to realize tangible results

To be Successful in this role you will need:

  • Formal qualifications (Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science or related fields)

  • A curiosity streak that coupled with an ability to think critically

  • Ability to write Computer Vision algorithms from scratch with an emphasis on real-time performance, and optimization

  • Have a good understanding of Computer Vision, Image Processing concepts and Machine Learning

  • Knowledge of computational photography and/or computer vision

  • Experience with implementation on GPUs with CUDA