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We all need help with difficult decisions.

Faced with rapid data growing complexity and transformation issues, Business leaders have to interpret complex information quickly.
Data is growing in volume and speed, so this task only gets harder; as gap widens between what the businesses want and what it can actually achieve.
RAACOM bridges the gap.
Our experienced management team deploys smart people and the right tools to deliver your business priorities and challenges.
We attend to the data; you focus on the business. 

Our Strategies

What puts us in a different league?


RAACOM is a consulting practice that enables clients to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data.


We work with a leading tech stack, mostly open source. Where available we always obtain the relevant certifications, and we have a serious commitment to continuous learning and training for all of our consultants.


The data analytics software market is crowded. Products vary in quality and it is difficult to assess vendors on a like for like basis - for product support, strength of roadmap, and so on. By partnering with market leading providers, we help our clients mitigate risk and implement solutions that last.
We take very seriously our responsibility to advice on the best tech stack for each particular engagement. We will never recommend a technology unless we believe it is right for you.

Corporate Office 

10-5-2/1/15, Masab Tank, Banjarahills, Road No 1, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500028

Training & Development Unit

201, 2nd floor, Opp Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India – 500028


Phone: +91 9100 00 4100